Best Space Heaters 2018 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

The space heater is a device that is used for heating up small spaces. For larger areas, there is central heating that can heat up all the rooms of one house. The space heaters work by either fuel like natural gas, wood, oil or electricity. Mostly these days’ users prefer electricity to other sources as fuels are burnable and get over repeatedly. The space heaters based on operations fall into three categories that are:
best space heaters

Convection Heaters

In this type of heater, electricity there is a heating element that gets heated when electricity passes through it. The element is made up either of ceramic or metal. The heat then transfers by convention in the air. In some heaters, there is a fan as well for an increase in circulation.

 Infrared Heaters

In this type of heater, there is a conductive wire and electricity passes through it making the wire hot. The heat is transferred in the room through radiant heating.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps help in heating the room by moving the heat from outside the room to inside. It works as similar as refrigerators and air conditioners. The only difference is that in other appliances it moves heat from inside to outside whereas in heaters it moves heat from outside to inside.

Space heaters are of great advantage. The benefits of space heaters are mentioned below:

Easily Affordable

Space heaters are inexpensive to purchase. They do not indulge any complicated mechanical procedure. Instead of that, they use very simple principles. That is why they are easily affordable and easy to purchase.

Energy Consumption

The space heaters use electricity for heating up filament of the heater. It is a very easy process and does not consume much energy. Hence, it helps in saving energy bills as well. The filament consumes energy until it reaches required temperature, after reaching that point it maintains that constant temperature and saves energy.

Excellent Heating

Space heaters help in heating rooms in winters. Clothes and skin easily absorb the radiations spread by the heater. The heaters have steadily become an important part of winter’s life as no warm clothes and blankets can provide the heat like heaters.

Easily Portable

Space heaters are easily portable. They can be transferred from one room to another hassle-free. They can be taken outside easily. There is only a need of plug for the supply of electricity. The

Space heaters are not heavy at all. They make outings more comfortable.

No Installation

The space heaters do not need any kind of installation. They just need to be plugged in and electricity supply will easily make the heater work. There is no requirement of any equipment for installation of heaters. They are highly portable and easy to install.

Less Storage Needed

They take very less space to get stored. The heaters, when kept in summers, take very less space. They take around one square foot only to lie. Mostly it depends on the size of heater that how much space it will take.

No Restriction On Use

There are no restrictions on the use of space heaters. They can be used outside the house or inside the house just by plugging in the switch. They work effectively outside the house as well.

Top The Best Space Heaters 2018 

we will suggest you some of the best space heaters 2018:


Lasko 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower HeaterLasko 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko oscillating heater is an amazing product with inbuilt safety features. These features include self-regulating ceramic element and overheat protection. This heater comes with remote control and extra space for its storage is provided at the back of the heater. The shape of the heater is streamlined. In addition, it oscillates in order to warm the whole room. This heater heats very effectively and efficiently. Three setting levels can be adjusted for a heater that is the low, high or automatic system.

The heater is ETL listed. The ceramic element that heats up when electricity passes through it is self-regulating. In order to save things from overheat, heaters come with automatic overheat protection. Remote control provides an easy to control the temperature of the heater. In addition, to provide ease to consumers there is the electronic timer which can turn off heater automatically. The height of heater is 29.75 inches. The wattage of the heater is 1500. It is available in silver color. The heater is easily portable and can be transferred from one room to other without any hassle. It takes very less space to be stored in summers.

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Bionaire Office HeaterBionaire Office Heater

The Bionaire heaters are very lightweight and produce worry free motion sensor heaters. This is the best heater for office use. It was first one specially designed for office use. This heater includes motion sensing, it will automatically shut off when there is no one around. The sleek design of heater is so developed that it can be kept on office desk or floor as well. The cord of heater is covered in order to provide easy storage.

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Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Heater – Best Space Heaters ElectricHoneywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Heater

Honeywell offers a wide range of heaters, out of which HZ-7300 is the best seller. This heater uses digital energy smart technology and usage indicator for showing up heat settings. The exterior of heater always remains cool so that there is no risk of touching hot heater. The heater oscillates in order to provide wide area heating. The thermostat of the heater is programmable and comes with two types of heat settings. It has inbuilt automatic overheat protection. The technological digital display shows the energy heater is using. It is best space heaters electric.

The heater is easily portable. It comes in black and white color as well. The heater is easily portable. The heater is light in weight and hence can be carried very easily. It weighs only 6 pounds.

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Dr Infrared

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater – Best Space Heaters For Large RoomsDr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

It is one of the best space heaters for large rooms. This heater can heat up a large room with its low and high-temperature adjustment. It comes with overheat protection. The PTC comes with 12-hour automatic shut off. It has dual heating system with infrared quartz tube. It comes with remote control. The blower does not cause much noise. It is a bit heavier as compared to other heaters. It has the wattage of 1500.

It comes in cherry color. It weighs around 24 lbs. The dual heating system combines the efficiency of convection heat and infrared heat to warm the room faster without leaving any spot colder. This heater is faster as compared to other heaters. This heater provides more heat than any other 1500-watt heater. This is so because 1500 watt is the electricity needed for warming up the heater. The efficiency of heater depends upon how much heat it can deliver. This heater is most efficient in delivering the most of the heat it can produce.

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Lasko 6435

Lasko 6435 Heater

Lasko 6435 Heater

Lasko is a beautiful model and one of the best space heaters for large rooms. It has oscillation facility in order to widespread warmth.For heating, it has ceramic element. The element is self-regulating. It has automatic overheat protection. It has crackled finish. It is fully assembled. It has an automatic thermostat controlled setting. It is ETL listed. The wattage is 1500. It has scrollwork base that looks very elegant and beautiful.

It has a remote control that can perform many functions. There is an operating system at heater as well. It has electronic touch control operation. It has an automatic 7-hour timer. It comes with 3 years of warranty. It weighs around 10 lbs. This is easily portable.

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Tenergy PTC Ceramic Heater – Best Space Heaters For BedroomTenergy PTC Ceramic Heater

A powerful heater comes in two variations that are 900 and 1500 watts. It has a modern look. It has coil installed in it, which heats up when electricity passes through it. It is very lightweight which makes it very easier to transfer from one place to other. The coil of heater gets heated faster and makes the room easily warmer. The comfort of the heater is controllable that is it comes with fan tilt that helps in controlling airflow. It has an adjustable thermostat as well that helps in setting the desired temperature. It is one of the best space heaters for bedroom.

It has an automatic shut off function to prevent overheating of the heater. It automatically shuts off when heater reaches 179.6° F that is 82°C. The heater gets warm instantly that is within 3 seconds after switching it on. It is ETI certified and gives a 2-year limited warranty. It comes in black color and is very light in weight. It is easily portable.

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Bovado 166648 Ceramic Space HeaterBovado 166648 Ceramic Space Heater

This heater is very easy to use. The model is highly simple. The temperature can be easily set from just rotating the dial. It can be set to either low or high temperature. The temperature of the heater can be set according to user’s needs. There is an indicator on display which shows a red light when it is switched on. The heater is very small in size, which makes it very easy to port around. This can make user warm anywhere.

It has specialized ceramic heating discs that helps in transferring heat in small areas. It is one of the best space heaters for bedroom. The heater helps in saving energy bills as well. The heater passes all quality standards in order to meet requirements of consumers. The heater comes in black color. It weighs around 3 lbs.

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Comfort Glow BDISC6 Heater – Best Space Heaters For Garage

Comfort Glow BDISC6 Heater

The heater has four ceramic disc heating elements. The heating elements are covered by the brown box. In order to prevent accidents, it has auto shut off. It has fan, which keeps on running in order to transfer heat outside. It has an external temperature sensor, which can estimate outer temperature.

It can heat up to 600 square feet. The heater is light in weight and highly portable. It is highly safe as the heating element is covered and cannot be touched. The heater warms the room very easily. It is one of the best space heaters for garage.

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Lasko Bathroom

Lasko Bathroom Heater CD08200Lasko Bathroom Heater CD08200

The Lasko space heater is a very beautiful compact deign. It is very small in size, which saves storage space. It instantly heats the area up to 225 square feet. It has inbuilt protection features such as overheat protection. It shuts off automatically after one hour. The controls of the heater are in form of push buttons. It weighs around 3 pounds, which facilitates easy portability of heater. It comes in white color. This is one of the best heaters for bathrooms. It can remove chill out of the bathroom instantly.

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So, hereby we discussed top best models of heaters with there companies. These companies are trustworthy and can be relied upon.

The Best Space Heaters – Buyer’s Guide

The space heater is a convenient way to raise the room temperature and adding warmth to the room. Space heaters are an essential part of winter’s life. Space heaters are mostly preferred in residential areas. They do not harm us. The main advantage of space heaters is their portability as we can carry these heaters anywhere.

Following are the important aspects that are to be considered while choosing the best space heaters:

Type of Heater

The first aspect considered while choosing the best space heater is there variety available in the market. They come in different styles, different technologies that keep on upgrading with time. There are various types of heaters:

Convection heater- these are those heaters that provide heating in the whole room and not only in the area where the heater is situated. It can provide heat to many people at once. Convection heaters are more economical than other heaters.

Radiant heaters- these heaters provide heat in a small area. It provides heating or warmth directly to that area which is specified. These type of heaters are more efficient in their nature as they provide direct heat rather than indirect heat.

Micathermic heaters- this type of heater have a covering of mica. It contains features of both convection and radiant heater. The best feature of this kind of heater is that they do not take much space. These heaters are very easy to carry.

The best heater can be chosen by taking into consideration all type of heaters.

Safety In Using

Space heaters are mostly electric. It quickly gets hot which is harmful to us. It can cause fire and electric shocks if not used properly. If we do not take adequate safety measures for the heater, it may cause many accidents.

Some safety measures while choosing space heater are:

  1. Space heaters should not be placed in those areas where ventilation is poor.
  2. Alert detector should be there for emergencies.
  3. Heaters should be placed away from children.
  4. One should buy those heaters, which do not require extension cord.

One should buy best space heaters according to there particular needs which have edge over switches, having grills that cover heating elements.

Energy Saving Capacity

The next most important point considered while choosing best space heater is there energy saving efficiency. This consideration will be essential while buying best space heaters as it will conserve the energy and cost as well. Our electric bills are also raised because of not taking best energy saving heater. Those heaters should be bought which have automatic energy saving modes. Alert detection and alarms should be there so that risk of the fuse is minimized.

Health Issues

Electric room heaters help in warming the room, which makes you feel warm in winters but it have many side effects too:

  1. Electric heaters warm the air inside the house, which can reduce the composition of moisture there.
  2. They are not suitable for asthma patients.
  3. It can cause harm to the skin.

We have to choose our heaters according to our requirement, which does not have much side effect and has no harmful effects.

Shape of Heater

The user should keep in mind that what kind of shape he wants. He can choose to streamline shape, oval or short heighten. The storage space taken by heater will depend upon its shape. The buyer should choose that heater which takes less storage space.

Size of Heater

The size of heater should be chosen according to the space in which it is to be used. Large rooms should have 1500 watts heaters. Smaller areas can get warm by 750-watt heaters as well.

Heating Element

The user must check that heating element of heater should be covered. If it is not covered, it can cause accidents. In addition, even after covering heaters should be kept away from children.

These points should be considered while choosing best space heaters.

Therefore, it was all about heaters. It involved what are space heaters, their advantages, uses, types and best models. It also included a guide, which can help the consumer in buying a perfect heater for him or herself.

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