A best laser level is a construction tool that is widely used in the construction business. It comprises a laser beam projector that emits both horizontal and vertical laser beams. You can fix it over a tripod to measure the level of objects like walls and other distant objects. The construction workers have used dot laser levels for several years, but these were not flexible enough to use effectively.

The line lasers are a lot better than dot lasers and that’s why experts suggest buying the line lasers. The new companies are producing high-tech laser levels to provide better assistance for the construction work. There are too many options in the best laser levels, which may confuse you. We have explored and found some useful devices, which are listed below. Check the reviews and choose the best laser level for perfect construction.

Top Rated Best Laser Levels of 2018

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Bosch GLL 2 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level with Mountbosch gll 2 review

It is a self-leveling cross-line laser. It is compact and users have got impressed by the leveling and alignment solutions offered by Bosch GLL2. It is professional’s leveling equipment, which users can use anytime and anywhere for leveling purposes. This device comprises a smart pendulum leveling system and it emits intense laser beam towards the object.

You get a movable mounting device to mount this laser level and use it anywhere you want. The manufacturer has assured buyers about the accuracy and incredible performance of this device. Even, the customers have praised the quality features of this best laser level, which are:

  • It operates in both horizontal and vertical line modes. It can project two lines one by one or together and it can be used to level a wide range of applications.
  • Using Bosch GLL2 is quite simple. There is only one button to choose the mode. You can easily set it on horizontal, vertical or cross line mode.
  • You get it with a flexible mounting device, which you can conveniently set on any sort of surface to carry out accurate leveling work.
  • Bosch GLL2 is equipped with self-leveling system that reduces the chances of inaccurate leveling. This device senses the levels and indicates, if you are not doing right.



DEWALT DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

DEWALT DW088K review

Dewalt is probably the most famous brand that produces best laser levels. Several construction companies depend on Dewalt’s laser levels because this company produces high-quality best laser levels, which can be used in all sorts’ environments. Dewalt DW088K is a cross line laser that projects horizontal and vertical beams together for perfect leveling.

The projected laser beams appear brighter than other laser levels and that’s why leveling becomes more convenient with this device. You can maintain the brightness and the visibility range of the beams. You can use it in any kind of environment because it is water resistant, durable and its over-molded housing turns it into a robust leveling equipment.

The buyers are more interested in Dewalt DW088K than other laser levels due to its cutting-edge features. The construction workers, which were using other brands’ laser levels, have found it more useful and supportive. The top features include:

  • It emits brighter laser beams.
  • It is the best device for cross projection of laser beams.
  • The users can use this laser level with detector.It is robust, water resistant and compact in size.
  • It can level the laser projection itself and reduces the chances of error.


SKIL MT 8201

SKIL MT 8201-Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

SKIL MT 8201 Review

Skil 8201 is the latest best laser level, launched by Skil. It is also equipped with self-leveling system and its cross line projection is simply brilliant. The user can operate this laser level in four different modes, vertical, horizontal, cross-line and manual. The projection of the horizontal line would be with 120° fan angle. It can project the laser beams automatically for leveling and layout or the user can use it on the manual mode to use more features.

This laser level comprises sensors that direct the user towards accurate projection of the laser beams. The chances are error will be quite low, when you use Skil 8201.

Though Skill MT 8201 is facing tough competition from its closest competitors, but still it has succeeded in luring users. It is a more cost-effective laser level in comparison to previously mentioned two laser levels. In addition to the cost, people are buying Skil 8201 because:

  • The users can operate 8201 in 4 different modes.
  • It works on both auto and manual modes.
  • It can project the horizontal beam with 120° fan angle.
  • It indicates immediately, if the level is inaccurate.
  • It is a robust device with long-term service guarantee.


Bosch GLL 3-80

Bosch GLL 3-80 3 Plane Leveling Alignment Laser with BM1

Bosch GLL 3-80 review

It is a revolutionary device that can provide 360 projections to level three planes simultaneously. Bosch GLL3-80 is widely used for alignment because it can also project two vertical planes simultaneously at 90°. Measuring wall and partition layouts become quite simple with this device.

The user can easily rotate the laser lines to get 360° projection and that’s why several experts consider it as a cross between rotary and cross line laser levels. It can level and provide alignment for three planes simultaneously and that’s how it can save your time. You can use it for a wide range of projects and get accurate results with the help of its self leveling sensors. Prime features of this device include:

  • Perfect 360° projection by covering the whole area of vertical and horizontal planes.
  • This device does not comprise any kind of motor or rotator and that’s why it does not waste the battery power.
  • Brighter laser beam that offers better visibility for more accurate leveling.
  • Self leveling sensors that prevent the chances of inaccurate leveling.
  • You buy it with a magnet fixed freestanding base that can stick on metal surface.
  • It can be mounted over a tripod for outdoor uses.



DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser by DEWALT

DEWALT DW089K review

Dewalt DW089k is another useful Line Laser developed by Dewalt. Unlike DW088k, DW089k can support multiple construction works. It can be used for several types’ design enhancement works and its performance will lead you towards more accuracy.

Professionals are praising the features offered by this device. It is best for leveling both residential and commercial construction sites. In addition, you can use it for improving the designs of a number of objects like drop ceilings, chair rails, cabinets, windows and doors.

This best laser level emits two beams together that intersect each other by creating 90° angle. The construction workers can perform their job quickly by using layout tools without using a second laser. This device saves time and offers accurate projections on all sorts’ planes. Top features of this laser level include:

  • DW089K projects 3 laser beams together that support more accurate projection of 90° layout.
  • Emits brighter laser beams to provide better visibility in both dark and bright work conditions.
  • It comprises a magnetic pivot to stick on the metal planes. The users can easily mount it over fall ceilings to check the level.
  • Offers accurate leveling details at 30-feet.
  • One button operation to control the modes and the power of the laser level.
  • Taking alignments becomes quite easier, when use the micro knob to adjust the alignment.
  • Metal roll cage increases the durability of the device.


Bosch GRL300HVCK

Bosch GRL300HVCK Self-Leveling Rotary Laser with Layout Beam Complete Kit

Bosch GRL300HVCK review

Bosch is known as the pioneering brand in the measurement tools. It always introduces something better and something new to help the users in taking more accurate measurements. By applying new technology and new designs, Bosch has introduced a wide range of laser levels for measuring and aligning all types’ objects.

Bosch GRL300HVCK is the one of the most innovative tools developed by this company. It performs the leveling job accurately and it can be used on any jobsite. It is a rotary laser that comes with a complete package of measuring tools. Top features of Bosch GRL300HVCK are as follows:

  • Option of enhancing and reducing the visibility, manual speed selection, scan angle control to improve the visibility of the laser beam in brighter work conditions.
  • Two large handles to pick and carry the device.
  • Cage protects that head assembly and offers enough room to set the laser beam towards the object.
  • Levels itself automatically for both horizontal and vertical alignments and leveling.
  • It can work 40 hours effectively, once fully charged.
  • Two year warranty to ensure better performance of the device.


What to check before buying the best laser level?

Hence a best laser level is essential construction equipment that prevents possible errors of leveling and alignment, it should be high-tech and perfect for the job. We have reviewed the top-rated laser levels, but these are not the only laser levels in the market.

Many other brands produce laser levels and all of them claim to provide a top class device for your construction demands. So, how to select the best laser level? Follow below given way to make a right choice.

Know What Type of Laser Level is The Best for Your Needs

The construction workers use three types’ laser levels, Dot laser level, Line laser level and Rotary laser level. The dot laser level emits the laser beam and forms a dot on the targeted object. The line laser level can create a line to guide you and the rotary laser level is quite different from the first two types.

The rotary laser level comprises a motor to form 360° projection of the laser beams. It rotates faster to project lines around the room and that’s why many companies choose rotary laser levels for more accurate alignment and leveling. All three are different laser levels and they are suitable for different jobsites. Check the device carefully, know its type and then purchase the best laser level in the market.

What is The Accuracy Level?

The accuracy of best laser level is measured in +/- XMM at the distance of 30m. 30meter is considered as the industry norm and a standard laser level must have +/-3mm to 30m accuracy. The top rated lasers offers accuracy of +/-1.5mm to 30. The accuracy of poor quality laser levels may vary due to their poor design and technology.

You should carefully check it before buying the device because an inaccurate device may cause considerable damage and then you will find yourself in trouble. You should invest your bucks only in top-rated laser levels because you get a warranty on the performance of the device.

Green Light or Red Light Laser Level?

Experts say that you should invest your money only in the green light laser levels because green color is more visible to human eyes than the red color. By the way, green light laser levels are more expensive than the red light laser levels. Most of the construction companies buy red light laser levels to save their bucks.

If you are buying this equipment for DIY construction or renovation job, then you should buy green light laser level. It will help you in performing more accurate alignment and leveling work. The construction workers don’t need the detector, when they use green light laser levels. It shows that how accurate measurement green light laser levels provide.

Manual or Auto?

The manual laser levels can perform as accurately as the auto laser levels perform, but the user needs to set the accuracy by himself. You manipulate the device manually to reach the top accuracy level. It will perform effectively until it is set according to your demands. Once knocked, you will have to set it again.

Things are quite different with auto laser levels. This type’s laser levels level themselves automatically. You need to press the knob for a few seconds to set the device in an accurate position and then you can use it.

The Laser Detector

The laser detector or receiver is a device, which is used to detect the laser line. Only rotary and line lasers produce laser lines for which the user needs the laser detector. The professionals use this device for two important reasons, extending the working range of the laser level device and to perform accurate leveling in the outdoor or brighter location.

The maximum laser detectors create a sharp sound to direct the user towards right level. When the sound is loud, move it upside and when the sound is low, move the detector downside. It makes a stable noise, when you are pointing at the right level. It is an essential device that should be available with the best laser level. Almost renowned brands offer laser detectors and it is quite essential for outdoor work.


Will you need a tripod to mount the laser level? The answer is yes and you will need it many times for leveling. The professionals use laser level tripod or the mounting threads, when they take alignment at a certain height. The leveling positions can be different and without a tripod it will not be possible to hold the laser level stable at required height.

It is obvious that the more advanced laser level you will use, the more advanced mounting thread you will need. Top class mounting threads or tripods reduce the chances of error during the measurement and that’s why these are quite essential.

Tips For Using The Laser Level Effectively

The professional may not need any kind of guidance for using the laser level, but beginner users would need it.

  • Setting up the laser level is not an easy task. The manual laser level doesn’t level itself automatically, so you need to level it by placing the bubbles in the middle. Set the tripod on a plane surface and then set the laser level above it and then use the screw to level it.
  • The auto laser level can automatically adjust its position to be set at perfect level. Put it above the tripod and wait for a minute. Its light will blink, if the laser level is not at the right level.
  • On the outdoor location, it may not be possible to reflect the laser beam on the wall. You can use the laser detector to set the laser level on its accurate position. The detector will make a stable noise, when it will find the laser beam.
  • Once, everything is set, now you can perform the required operation by using this device.


Can the laser beam cause health damage?

There is no chance of health damage, when you are using the laser level. Class2 diodes are used to produce the laser beam, which you can easily see with naked eyes. Though, you should not stare constantly towards the source of the laser light.

Are green and red light laser levels same?

Both are same, but green light laser levels are more useful and expensive.

Do laser levels need maintenance?

No, the laser levels can operate effectively. You can contact the manufacture, if it shows any error during the warranty period.


On several occasions you will find yourself in trouble, when building a new house, furniture or other products. Taking perfect alignments and performing leveling work effectively would be a difficult task without the laser level. So, check the reviews of top rated laser levels and buy the best laser level for personal and professional use.