best blenders for smoothies

Here latest best blenders for smoothies 2018 for you. Everyone loves making shakes, and bringing out the best recipes out of everything they cook! Blenders are either the cheapest or the best. It is rightly said that you get what you pay for! The best ones usually are available on Amazon and are the best for every purpose. Some of these blenders aren’t the lowest priced, but they are the best. You definitely get what you pay for with blenders and although high-speed blenders are much more costly than some of the less costly choices in this record, you will definitely find the main improvement in the high quality of your shake.

Of course, you can use powerful blenders for much more than just shake makers such as making peanut butter and grape butter which you would never be able to do with a low priced blender.

Best Blenders For Smoothies 2018

Our list from this article:

Vitamix 1969 7500 Blender

vitamix 196a9 7500 Blender best blenders for smoothies


  • Variable Speed Control
  • Pulse Feature
  • Low-Profile 64-ounce Container
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades
  • Self-Cleaning


The first of the blenders for smoothies have Vitamix 1969 7500 as the lead. Knowing what it does and how; we have come across the survey that leads to the fact that this blender has been the top trusted blender by many people.

Let’s go through the review of the same. The G-Series, which is the term for “Next-Generation”, the production offers Vitamix’s most highly effective blender as well as a unique style that dampens blender’s disturbance by as much as 40% in comparison to past Vitamix designs. The G-series production has been around since 2013 and the 7500 is the platform design. The other G-series designs are the more expensive 750 and 780 which offer more technology features.

The G sequence designs also have a new air circulation and inner air conditioning system to help reduce disturbance and heating up. Besides the new smooth style, the most noticeable difference of the 7500 and G-series blenders is the wide, low-profile package.

Vitamix blenders are usually famous for the high filter storage space containers which work well but avoid the blender from suitable under a kitchen cupboard. The G-series low-profile packages are about 3 inches wide smaller and allow for easy storage space under a cupboard. The 7500’s highly effective 2.2 horsepower blender is a step up from the older designs that use 2 horsepower blenders.

BlendTec Total Blender

BlendTec Total Blender

BlendTec Total Blender

  • Highest commerical standards
  • Six pre-programmed walk-away cycles
  • Touchpad screen for easy cleaning
  • Includes BPA-free FourSide jar
  • 8 years warranty
  • Features 6 Preprogrammed blending cycles


Next best blenders for smoothies come from Blendtec Total Blender. You can make best shakes. Whether that’s the ever-popular green shake, one containing ice, plant seeds, or nut products, you’ll get a dense, frothy reliability without any patches left or anything unblended every time. Lower end blenders, like the Oster, can’t duplicate the creaminess or combination as thoroughly. There’s even an easy Smoothie key making the entire process a piece of cake.

Simply media a mixing key and sit back and watch the BlendTec do its thing, it will close off instantly when completed. These automated combination periods make sure the preferred reliability and structure are obtained. Nobody is going to remember exactly how much time and at what rates rate they combination everything – the mixing control buttons eliminate any anxiety.

Below the control buttons is a little LCD display showing how much time your automated combination has left, or how much time you’ve been mixing if doing so personally. It also keeps track of your count of combinations. This is truly a “smart” blender.

The symbols are back-lit and vanish completely when not in use, making a wonderful, fresh overall look. Sleek, fashionable design, so your blender isn’t an eyesore on your reverse, but rather an attractive piece to add to your kitchen. Another feature that BlendTec has is- Optimized air circulation that keeps things awesome and expands the life of your blender.

A few features and distinguishing aspects of the Developer Series: New and enhanced user interface making it simpler to use and fresh.

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker

Margaritaville DM0500

Margaritaville DM0500

  • 450-watt frozen-concoction maker
  • Dual motors for shaving ice
  • Manual shave/blend option
  • Shot glass, recipes, and instructions
  • Measures approximately 14-2/5 by 8-2/7 by 18 inches
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


The Margaritaville dm0500 is your solution to exchange your next party to the exotic seashores. The shaved ice guarantees enhanced consume width – no leftover ice sections or well-diluted beverages. The dm0500 permits you to cut only and combination only to generate customized freezing patches by including extra shaved ice or mixing a little tad longer. The ice container keeps sufficient ice to create one complete jug of slush in one schedule pattern.

Reducing ice is routed into a back container to avoid watered-down beverages. Everything is dishwasher evidence. Accessories involve a Margaritaville taken cup, launch information, a freezing consume formula information and information. This is the basic Margaritaville machine and will provide all the basic features you need to make 36 ounces groups of your favorite freezing pleasure, at near cafe quality. The ice container keeps enough ice for one complete image and automated shave/blend as well as information shave/blend features are involved.

The Margarita Frozen-Concoction Creators generate some of the best ice-shaving results, with a truly wintry structure and absolutely no rough sections or items. The ice tank keeps enough ice for one glass pitcher of margaritas (36 ounces) in one automated pattern.

The considerately developed water flow and drainage system programs any dissolved ice into an individual tank so that it doesn’t mix with the ingredients. The Dm0500 design comes in an awesome exotic shade, with seafaring aspects of design and Firefox accessories.

The mixing jar and its components are are it dishwasher safe, while the remaining device just needs to be cleaned after use.

If you are looking to get started a cheapest possible this is your path.

Nutri-Bullet 12 Piece Blender

NutriBullet NBR-1201

NutriBullet NBR-1201

  • Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, and superfoods
  • High-torque power base and 600-watt motor
  • Power, patented stainless steel blade design with cyclonic action
  • Includes 1 year warranty


In the marketplace, there may be many blenders and juice extractors, but there will always be only one Nutri-bullet. It signifies a new creation of lightweight blenders, whereby you can use the jug or cup as a container to take shakes on the go or shop them. The primary idea in the Nutri-bullet blender’s style is all about getting the best out of your meals.

It has enough muscular to break start plant seeds, eat through the toughest of arises and decrease challenging themes into pulp thereby launching the nourishment you’d otherwise not free through eating alone.

The name says it all; it’s a “nutrition bullet” maybe that’s what they mean by Nutri-Bullet. It’s a little, little blender that is set on a graphite-colored applied steel platform.

Its bullet formed, instead of steel the glasses, manages and covers are made of nasty. The metallic-plastic development is the blender quite a featherweight. It actions 5.3-by-8.0 inches wide (diameter-height) and is just 3.6 lbs.

This is really simple to shift around, and the cable is a nice 145 cm. In the style, you no more time have control buttons for changing it on, modifying the rate or even establishing the features. The eschewed control buttons lead to a smooth external that looks just amazing in the kitchen.

Instead, all you have to do to combination or smash is just attach on either the machine or mincing rotor blades on to a big or little cup containing the components, then, force the cup down into the bottom, and change it into place until the engine begins. Sit back and hold back until everything is combined.

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (BL482)

Nutri Ninja BL482

Nutri Ninja BL482

  • Great for making single served smoothies
  • Small size will fit in most kitchens
  • Strong motor is more than capable of blending frozen ingredients
  • The preset controls allows you to set and then forget


There is a lot of excellent that can be said about the Nutri Ninja Automatic IQ in conditions of its basic price and shake efficiency assessments. To use the blender, one simply fills up one of the offered glasses with components fostering not to overfill up. The Auto-IQ comes with 30 dishes you can use – or you can be innovative and make your own expert part.

Screw the pro machine rotor blades on to the cup very limited. You then line up the nasty an eye on the cup with those on the blenders’ platform and protected into place. The product will come to life and show a ‘0’ on the electronic interface – signaling it’s prepared. To improve the combination, you can choose to type the Auto-IQ Blend or Auto-IQ Extremely Blend establishing.

For smoother components, you are excellent to go with the Auto-IQ Blend function. For difficult combinations, such as ice, nut products, and freezing fruits – the Extremely Blend is the way to go.

Assuming you’ve included ice and chosen the Extremely Blend establishing, the blender will go to work over the next 60 a few moments mixing, blinking and putting a hold on.

The brief quit allows for bulkier things to make their way down to the machine rotor blades before duplicating the procedure guaranteeing a simple reliability. Remove the cup type the blenders’ platform by rotating in the other you used when obtaining it. Eliminate the pro machine rotor blades from the cup and protected the offered sip lid for mobility or consuming. The blender amounts an excellent job at liquefying freezing fruits and ice.

It also stops working plant seeds such as flax and super fruit preservatives such as exotic fruits. The Start / Stop key is ideal for a guide merge that you have full control.

The Beat function is beneficial to you love creating salsa or sauces such as Bolognese that requires a little structure.Nutri Ninja

Hamilton Beach Power Elite (58148A)

Hamilton Beach 58148A

Hamilton Beach 58148A

  • A large BPA-free 40-ounce glass jar with no-mess pour spout
  • A powerful 700-watt peak power base
  • Stainless steel Ice Sabre blade design with Wave-Action technology
  • Easy push-button operation and 12 blending functions plus Pulse
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for quick and easy clean-up
  • Protected by a 3-year limited warranty


This blender from Hamilton Beach used a different approached and used a cup jar instead of unpleasant. This jar is analyzed to keep up with extreme changes in warm variety. A competitive product, the Ninja comes with only a 1 season guarantee and their blenders expenses at least four times more than this one. For the cost, this device has some flexibility. Aside from creating shakes, it is creating freezing sweet, mashed ice, broth. This no-frills blender has one objective in thoughts, cost-effective mixing and when used properly it will provide very good shakes every day. It does not have the high-quality engine seen in the Vitamix or BlendTec so this will not do well going through dry things like nuts.

If you have issues holding a jar with this many pounds, you’ll have to look at designs with nasty bins like the Ninja but these will cost more.

The blade is made of detachable if you want a more thorough fresh. But this is dangerous due to immediate knife visibility.

There’s a simpler substitute would be to complete the jar midway, add a bit of plate cleaning soap then beat for Half a minute. This blender does not have a mess that you can use to force components down. Vitamix is the only manufacturer with this selection right now but these are much more costly.

Here’s another trial again in making a fruits shake – this doesn’t contain any green veggies, a big good purpose why it didn’t wait.

KitchenAid KHB 1231CU 2- Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KHB 1231CU

KitchenAid KHB 1231CU

  • The Removable 8″ Blending Arm
  • Great for smoothies using The stainless steel S-shaped fixed blade
  • Comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients.


As the name suggests, this blender has the origin from the high-speed blenders, crushing, and shaving ice and also in properly blending every ingredient that is put into the jar. This KitchenAid design not only has 3 different rates of rate to select from, but also has a few really useful accessories.

It comes with a 2 1/2 cup BPA-free chopper connection with lid, identical to a small blender. All of the accessories are simple enough to set up and use. Customers really like the chopper blades and that the blender doesn’t sprinkle all over the place – which, as we think about it, is one of the most popular safety issues when using these. The third-rate seems to provide it some serious energy.

However, a few users said that the first two rates or the updates of the designs are very poor, and they always have to use the latest one.

Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-speed

Cuisinart CSB-79

Cuisinart CSB-79

  • Brushed stainless steel housing with embossed Cuisinart logo
  • Includes Power cord,blending, whisk, and chopper/grinder attachment
  • Also includes 16-ounce mixing/measuring beaker
  • Powerful 200-watt motor
  • Push-button control for continuous or pulse action; comfort grip handle


This is the upgraded version of the Cuisinart speed sticks. There have been a few additional features, with the speeds remaining the same. This is the improved Intelligent Keep from Cuisinart. The real question is of the accessories. The rates of speed are the same, with low as well as high.

After you use it for best outcomes since you don’t want your broth or blend dehydrating onto the knife, creating it more challenging to clean.

The blade of the blender is also the same, and it quickly bursts off. It should be carefully washed and cleaned down after each use!

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip

Breville BSB510XL

Breville BSB510XL

  • Bell-shaped design helps to minimize suction and splatter for greater consistency
  • Powerful 280-watt motor base plus stainless steel ice crushing blades
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand strain and increase control and stability during use
  • 1 year warranty


A 280-watt motor has the Breville blender to be the most compatible blender ever in the blenders’ history. This blender has an ergonomic, easy-grip handle for optimal stability and comfort. Also, again being a 280-watt motor with 15 varying rates of speed for precise control. 25-ounce helicopter bowl with a stainless-steel cutting knife is perfect for herbs, nuts, and cheese. This blender has the 42-ounce extra-large storage space jug with dual-purpose storage space lid and anti-slip mat. The stir, mixing shaft,

and mixing jug and storage space lid/anti-slip mat are dishwasher-safe. Remove stir from gearbox before washing. The cutting dish, cutting dish lid, cutting blade, and storage space lid are hand wash only, please.

This makes the blender highly user-friendly and not once can complain about the safety concerns regarding the blender!

Also, the body has the aesthetic appearance which facilitates the motor as well- Never immerses the motor body in the ingredients while blending.

The chopping bowl is very useful in case of small batches of blending work to be done. Also, it doesn’t leave anything unblended to be very precise.

This blender was first introduced keeping the safety concerns of the people in mind and also with the cleaning ease too.

Best Blender For Smoothies – Buyer’s Guide

So discussing as to what should be the characteristics while shopping or hunting down for best blenders for smoothies, here are some of the points that one should never forget!

Whether it is countertop or Immersion type?

Countertop blenders are designed for your countertop, with a huge jar connected to take the position that contains the blender cups. They’re perfect for meals and shakes and even smashing ice. Immersion blenders, or portable blenders, are little portable blenders with a spinning knife at the end of a lengthy keep.
They’ve created combine components in cups or containers and work great if you need to combine a broth or a marinade, or memory foam up a milkshake or smoothie. The two have some overlap in the tasks they can do, but they differ commonly to look at and dimension. So it is your choice as to what type you want based on your availability of options.

The horsepower or the voltage requirement

Blenders may promote two different types of horsepower.

  • The first is optimum or highest possible horsepower, which is the horsepower that takes place when you turn the blender on, *not* the real horsepower it operates at.
  • The second is ranked horsepower, which is the stable horsepower the motor can maintain. Be cautious about any blenders fooling you by marketing optimum horsepower to seem super highly effective in comparison to opponents marketing the real ranked horsepower.

The material obviously!

People don’t often consider the variations between the information of the blender jar. The most typical three choices are:

  • Glass – strong option, simple to fresh, but large – if you fall a cup blender jar, it certainly won’t be useful afterward!
  • Polycarbonate (plastic) – plastic content differs commonly in high quality, but can process the smells and spots of combined components with several uses; it’s much less large than a cup jar though, and may be able to thrive a few scrapes and drops; if you’re focused on BPA in your plastic materials, you can either buy a BPA-free plastic content (many organizations are changing to this now, as customer issue for BPA has risen) or simply select a cup or stainless-steel option.
  • Stainless Metal – simple to fresh, and less large than it’s cup counterpart; the greatest detraction from this content is that you can’t see within while mixing, pushing you to continuously convert off the blender look if you need to combine any longer.

Number of people you’ll be serving

  • Even though many people don’t consider this fact, but this has to be one thing that many should consider while buying the best blenders for smoothies! If you’re choosing a kitchen counter blender, don’t ignore to examine the dimension the mixing package.
    If you only need to create personal shakes for yourself, this may not be significant, but if you’re food preparation for children or for a spouse, you want to create sure it can fit enough components in the jar! Jar dimensions may differ from a very little self-serve 8oz dimension, to over 64oz so you can combine up several meals at once.
  • Some blenders have only one or two rates of speed while others have up to 16 rates of speed. But before investing additional and extra money, issues blenders having more than three rates of speed are overkill. Regardless of how many rates of speed you like, having a beats key in your blender is highly recommended.
    This key gives you more management over the components you will work and guarantees that you do not exaggerate the procedure.
  • The less expensive blenders usually come with the standard four control buttons which are really all you need: beat, low, great and quit. The really inexpensive blenders may not have a powerful engine and after using it for a few moments, it might seem like something’s losing.
    Even the best blenders for smoothies have certain drawbacks that one can’t ignore. So you must know the authentic review of any blender before buying.
  • The high-end elegant blenders may look very innovative and elegant with additional control buttons that may say blend, beat, mix, frappe, etc. Don’t pay your hard-earned cash on these additional control buttons. You don’t need them.

The spinning blades as well

  • The rotating rotor blades are in a well which makes it hard for freezing content to get under. For mindset and sauces this blender is okay but whenever I make shakes it gets to a point where the rotor blades are rotating in a clear hole.
    The comparison this to a state of the art blender like BlendTec.

Chopper bowl

If the chopper dish is really little then everything will be melted immediately because the sliced items don’t have enough area to re-locate of the way before the knife strikes them again. I got a Philips HR1611 lately and it’s completely difficult to cut anything, everything gets pulverized. As a result, the choppers bowl becomes more or less useless because you can always liquefy factors with the bowl